Websites Are Mining Cryptocurrencies Using Your CPU

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(Last Updated On: March 13, 2018)
Websites Are Mining Cryptocurrencies Using Your CPU
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As Bitcoin and mining cryptocurrencies are at hipe. To mine these cryptocurrencies miners have to solve mathematics problems (Cryptocurrencies Algorithms). Solving such mathematical problems requires more processing power, which means they have to buy some specific products which help them to speed up the process, therefore, miners come up with the solution to use other’s computer resources to mine their cryptocurrencies.

Umm… In case you don’t know Mining Cryptocurrencies?

You might have read this news that Google Chrome extension embeds in-browser Monero Miner script that drains your CPU.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

SafeBrowse is one the most popular chrome extension which had embedded a javascript library in the extension’s code that mines for the Monero cryptocurrency using user’s computers without getting them noticed. So this is kind of things we need to think about nowadays, if you are on some website and your CPU starts going crazy and your computer starts lagging then it might be a case that website is mining cryptocurrency using your browser resources.

How to know the website is Mining Cryptocurrencies?

A quick way to know if a particular website is mining cryptocurrencies. If you CPU utilization suddenly goes high or your computer fan goes crazy on a particular page of site or page, go to a different page or site if utilization of your CPU drops, it is an indication that site is using mining script to mine cryptocurrencies.

How to block scripts which are Mining Cryptocurrencies?

However, it is not much dangerous as a trojan or a malware because it only drains CPU until site or page is active. If you close such site or page it will no longer be mining cryptocurrencies using your computer but it is still using your computer for their benefits which is not acceptable.

Basic protection against such scripts is adblocker. Many popular browsers have introduced their adblocker features which may affect the revenue of a genuine website, therefore, I recommend using a good adblocker which blocks only infected ads or scripts but at least it makes you protected again such scripts. Next protection layer is to use a good malware fighter. Some of the scripts are injected through malware or a virus which are not detectable by an adblocker. If you’re noticing high CPU usage a malware scan and remove infected files if scanner detects some.

To make you computer untouchable at final level you need some mining scripts extensions which are specifically designed to detect and block scripts which are mining cryptocurrencies. Some of the tested mining scripts blockers are:

1. No Coin – Block miners on the web

No coin is one the most popular and trustworthy extension. It is open source licensed under MIT offered by Keraf. Performance of this extension is quite impressive and it is being used by 539,363 users worldwide.

NoCoin - Ayyanalee - Mining Cryptocurrencies

2. Anti Miner – No 1 Coin Minerblock

Anti Miner is also mostly loved mining cryptocurrencies blocker offered by tunghobrens. It has over 24,263 users worldwide.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

3. No Mining – Block coin mining websites by Nomining

mining cryptocurrencies - Ayyanalee

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