Why WordPress Is Better Than Other Platforms To Start A Blog

Why WordPress is better than other platforms to start a blog?How much does it cost to build a website - domain name Ever confused on choosing right platform to start a blog? In this regard, there are a lot of platforms to start a blog. In this post, I have compared the WordPress with other platforms for approaching the best platform to select your site’s content management system (CMS). You can create your blog for free. In case you don’t know What is Content Management System (CMS)? A Content Management system (CMS) is a web-based application make you able to create content and deliver it easy. It enables technical and nontechnical users to efficiently build a website and publish it publicly.

Before selecting any platform you must keep your requirements on a checklist. The different platform provides different features and functionalities. For example, WordPress support social media plugins but blogger doesn’t support social media plugin. This is also a reason why WordPress is better than other platforms to start a blog. Every platform has its own beauty. There you must know what is your actual requirements for starting a blog.

Quick View Over WordPress

It a self-hosted blog was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike little in 2003 and its stable release 4.9.1 released on November 29, 2017, under GNU GPlv2 license. And also an open source and written in PHP. WordPress is one the most famous CMS. It is used in the content management system(CMS), blogging software and content management framework(CMF). WordPress supports Unix-like and Windows operating systems. Here are some of the main features of WordPress to answer or to choose whether it completes your need or not.

Advantages Of WordPress

These amazing advantages show why WordPress is better than other platforms to start a blog.

  1. To Top Your Site: The blog WordPress is simple but not that much easy rather require technical skills to start. It helps developers that want to take their sites to an upper level and want to launch business sites. As most of the templates used are more eye-catching and attracting more traffic towards the blog. There are no limitations to your site other than you set. plugins and services by WP are present to take it among the high ranked sites.
  2. Your Site Is Yours: This is the most important factor why WordPress is better than other platforms to start a blog. The whole control of a blog is in your own hands and also can select own domain name that suits your site requirements. It has also hosting fees starting at 3$. It depends on you what to publish or to post on your blog that is not copied from another site. This helps in choosing different affiliate marketing and advertising platforms for monetizing the blog. You are not afraid of closing it by any other site.
  3. Expansion of blog/website: With the help of WordPress it is easy to expand the features of a blog. Because WordPress is an open source software that’s why hundreds of plugins are present to add more features. Due to feature to add amazing plugins is one of a reason why WordPress is better than other platforms. WP uses more advanced widgets/plugins to enhance the quality of your blog.
  4. Blog look: The sites that use WP are more attractive and have a professional look because the templates/themes are present for every type of site in high quality. The themes/templates are modified and customized with the help of widgets in WP and also high-quality premium templates can be purchased.


Portable means changing to a domain name, content management system or changing host. In this case, WP is better and provides more advantages than other blogs this is why WordPress is better than other platforms to start a blog and people love to choose WordPress. you cannot lose SEO ranking and also subscribers or followers on a search engine.

  1. FTP: WP is a content management system that allows transferring a file among the clients by the developer and also blogger can change the site to e-commerce site.


  1. Premium: The developer has to pay for custom domain name and also has to find the best hosting service provider to rank better in search engine ranking. High-quality templates cost much. 
  2. Complex to learn: WP needs more technical knowledge for a beginner to start a blog and takes more time and energy to learn wp and other PHP, CSS, SQL skills. plugins and step by step guide starting with WP have made it easy or developer can hire a professional for such tech-works.
  3. Maintaining blog/site up to date: This work also is tiring to maintain the website up to date because of plug-ins that update day-to-day. not updating plugins may increase loading time for the site. also, the posts are dependent on plugins to be indexed by search engine take few days. security issues are created sometimes by hackers it is best to save backups on a daily basis what you work.

Why WordPress Is Better Than Other Platforms To Start A Blog? [Infographics]

Why WordPress Is Better Than Other Platforms To Start A Blog

Quick View Over Blogger

A blogger is a free software mainly used for blogs. It was developed by Pyra labs on August 23, 1999, and was the first user-friendly blog. Blogger had plenty of users in few years after starting. Google bought Blogger in 2003. Under Google, the blogger got many services like Adsense, Adwords, Analytics, and the hosting of the blogger for free. It is written in python which is easy to use the only task to start blogging is to have an account on google. Blogger need not have technical expertise, a beginner can also blog on blogger.  

Advantages Of Blogger

  1. Free to use: The most attractive feature of blogger to start a blog is that it is free. The presence of free templates and no hosting charges due novice users prefer blogger as CMS to their sites.
  2. Easy to start: The blogger is easy to start. Installation is made easy stepwise and users with some basics can have their own blog and may take it to master level with the help of widgets given by the Google. The blogger mainly used to personal or passionate works as tourists to show their journey pics, a fashion site, and for simple sites, those need not much customization. in this regard, templates are given only to choose from and edit accordingly.
  3. Easy analysis: The blogger gives all analyzing tools on your site blog. You can monitor the traffic on your site and also set the settings or posts accordingly to attract more traffic to your blog.
  4. Security: The blogger is secure as it is owned by Google. So a user does not have to worry about hackers.
  5. SEO indexing: SEO (search engine optimization) means how much time it would take to be indexed by the search engine like Google and how it is ranked. If a post is published via blogger on a site then google will index it within 24 hours of posting. 

Disadvantages Of Blogger

  1. No ownership: The ownership is the main factor that users prefer other CMS than Blogspot. Blogger is only rented by the user to publish posts but it is fully owned by Google. So a user may lose site without notice.
  2. Limited: The blogger is limited in terms of customization. It has a limited number of templates whom to choose from for site and user may edit if he/she is good at PHP and CSS. Blogspot also has page and picture size limitations to be uploaded on. Pictures are a limited 2048×2048 size and page size up to 1 MB.
  3. No FTP: Blogger does not support file transfer protocol. This is also a reason why WordPress is better than other platforms like blogger. If a user changes mind to move towards other CMS software like WP or Concrete5 then his/her information remain on google for long period of time. also, the user cannot change the site to e-commerce.
This comparison between blogger and the WP.org is not for the best one but rather to find the blogger according to your needs.  If a user wants a simple, elegant and free of cost CMS  then blogger is the best option for him/her to choose. The sites that suit blogger are diaries or journal managing, capture travel journeys and wedding moments.
The users who are passionate to start e-commerce or advance sites/blogs and have future business plans then WP is a better option for them to start with and also are good at coding.

 Table: WordPress Vs Blogger

Domain Name
Register own domain name
Yourname.blogspot.com or custom name
Dependent on hosting company (avg.13$ yearly)
Do as you wish (customization)
By your hosting company, active community support, premium offers.
Limited designs to choose from.
Affiliate marketing, banner ads etc.
Google AdSense, ads.
Millions of plugins are present and easy to get.
Limited, gadgets are used for fair designs.
Difficulty Level
Bit more how to know basics of coding.
Easy to start following the steps.
Limited for pics 1MB use Google+ accounts to increase it to 15 GB.
Google hosted
Open source framework
SEO Indexing
Google indexes within 4 weeks of posting.
Google indexes within 24 hours of posting.


I hope, I have cleared the confusion to choose which plate form is better to start a blog may have resolved. Feel free to contact us if you need any help and hoping plenty of feedback also don’t forget to review this article.