RSS To Social Media Using Free Tool

Why you need RSS To Social Media Tool?

RSS to Social Media is one the best tool in the blogging industry. There are billions of people in social media. Every social media, you name it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other. These sites like have billion active people around the world. It’s pretty good chance to use social media’s influence by sharing your content with them. Social Media plays an important role in driving traffic to sites. Sharing content on social networks can boost site traffic up to 40%. Many people prefer to post their individual content on each site. Rest are using social automation tools to post content on their behalf.
There are many social automation tools. Dlvrit is one of the easy, fast and free social automation tool. This tool work on RSS feeds and other content sources. It scans your RSS feeds and shares your latest posts to your configured social networks. You can set it to post immediately or schedule it your preferable posting time and date. I love this tool because it saves my work hours each week.
rss to social media

Features Of Dlvr.it

Auto Post RSS to Social Media [All Popular Social Media Networks]:
This tool enables you to share your content by following most popular social sites.
  1. Facebook: Profiles, pages, and groups.
  2. LinkedIn: Profiles and company pages.
  3. Google+: Profiles and pages.
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest: Multiple boards.
  6. Tumblr
  7. Instagram
Auto Post RSS to Social Media:
By connecting your RSS feeds to all your social networks. It will take care of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Auto share media, content and videos across all your social networks with no effort.
Recycle Social Media Posts:
EverQueue enables you to recycle your posts. Your posts its recycled right back into EverQueue.
Bulk Social Media Post Scheduler:
With this feature, you can add a bulk of posts to automate. Revolve your posts across your social networks.
I personally use this RSS to social media tool. You can signup free for this tool. Goto Dlvrit, click on signup free button. Fill your information to complete the registration process. After the registration process, the configuration wizard will guide you for further settings.
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