Optimize 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website

Optimize 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website. The speed of a website plays an important role in ranking on search engines and user experiences. Mostly, users are very impatient, they will not wait long for your website to load, because there are millions of websites being opened at the same time and if any other site loads up earlier than yours, then obviously they would prefer that. Just like when you order Pizza, you want it as fast as possible, you will not wait long. Therefore, search engines prefer websites which are light weighted and fast to load. More Site Load Up Time, More You Lose Your Audience.
Optimize 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website
Consequences of one-second delay
  • It can reduce 11% page views
  • It can decrease 16% of customer satisfaction
  • It can make you lose 6% of conversation

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Optimize Following 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website

Optimize 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website [infographics]

1. Content

If your page has more than 20 HTTP requests it will slow down page loading. Whenever browser fetches objects like HTML pages, CSS files, scripts, images and flashes files from the web server it does use HTTP request. HTTP requests can be reduced using various methods like using text instead of images, using CSS sprites, using data URIs instead of images, or combining several external files together into one. One of the best method to reduce HTTP requests is making a single script (by combining all scripts). Similarly, you can combine your all CSS files into a single. Combining files can be a headache if scripts vary from page to page, but combining files really help to improve speed and performance. Moreover, Keeping links SEO friendly, avoiding 404 or broken links also gives a positive result in speed factors. Avoiding Inline CSS is somehow improve the speed of your website.
Example of inline CSS text
<div style=’text-align: right; position: fixed; line-height: 0;’></div>

2. JavaScript and CSS

It is suggested that scripts and CSS files must be hosted to own server. It improves stability and speed because maybe someone’s server provides you hosted file was facing already too many requests from different sources. The main thing that helps to improve speed is minification of scripts and CSS files. Minification help to reduce the size of a script which results in fast load up. It is easy to minify scripts and CSS files there are millions of online tools providing free minification of scripts and CSS files.

3. Server

An optimizing server is also important for speeding up. Following are basic things you must optimize for your server.
  1. URL Canonicalization: It tells how a site can use barely unique URLs for a similar page. If http://www.example.com and http://example.com show the same page, however, does not resolve as similar URL. In the event that this happens, web search tools might be uncertain about which URL is the right one to file.
  2. Use HTTPS: It is a safe convention for sending or accepting information over the Internet. Utilizing HTTPS demonstrates that an extra encryption or validation layer was included amongst customer and server. HTTPS ought to be utilized by any site that gathers delicate client information, for example, Mastercard data. Despite for regions that don’t accumulate such data, changing to HTTPS helps customers by upgrading assurance and general security. Google is progressively utilizing HTTPS as a positive positioning variable.
  3. Libwww-perl: In the event that your server permits access from User-agent Libwww-perl. Botnet contents that thus look for vulnerabilities in your item are as a rule recognized as User-Agent libwww-perl. By blocking access from libwww-perl you can wipe out various less perplexing strikes.

4. Cookies

It is very useful. At the point when a program makes a demand for a static substance, for example, a picture or CSS document, there is no requirement for it to likewise send a treat to the server. This lone makes extra system movement and since the documents are static (they don’t change) the server has no utilization for the additional treatment. When you utilize treat free areas you can isolate the substance that doesn’t require treats from the substance that does. This enhances your site’s execution by end unneeded system activity. Diminishing treat measure help to stack content speedier.

5. Mobile and Images

Mobile components and images can also affect your website performance. If you want to make your website then use media quires it is easy for an engine to understand. Try to reduce the size of your components such as images, favicon image size, and scripts etc.