How To Set Custom 404 Page Not Found

What is 404?

Welcome, Today I will show you how you can set creative cool and amazing custom 404 page not found. I’m pretty sure you must already know about 404 or Page Not Found thing on a website. Maybe you don’t know what 404 is technically but I’m sure you have seen pages on other sites which gives a message like Sorry! Page not found or The page you’re trying to access is not available. Also, buttons like click to go to the homepage or search the terms correctly.

If you’re a WordPress user it is very important and interesting to have 404 page. Fortunately using a plugin you can play around this to make your custom 404 page not found more creative and interesting.

Why is this important to set custom 404 page not found?

If ever accidentally some pages or posts of your site is removed then it shows 404 Page. If someone ends up on your 404 page you must want to remain that person to your site and you want them to figure out what your website is about or want him/her go to your homepage to see what you’re offering, 404 page is the best thing to do this.

Umm in case you’re still doubting why is it important to set custom 404 page not found? For example, you have a post on your website and you have shared that on your social media. After some time for any reason you decided to delete that post then users which are trying to access your social media shared link will end on up 404 page. If they find your 404 page interesting, funny or welcoming they will actually visit your site to see what is the site about.

How To Set Custom 404 Page Not Found?

The easy and best way I find is to use Forty-Four – 404 Plugin for WordPress by phpbits. I found this plugin free and it is very easy to use. I have seen many blank and uninteresting 404 pages on different sites you must not be the case. You can add an image to background and text to make it look pretty interesting and funny. Download it from the given link or simple you can install it from your plugin menu of WordPress admin panel.

How To Set Custom 404 Page Not Found - Plugin

After installing this plugin you see the 404-page option in Appearance tab.


How To Set Custom 404 Page Not Found - Step 1

After clicking 404 Page you will be redirected to Edit Page.

How To Set Custom 404 Page Not Found - Step 2

  1. This is main headings of your 404 page.
  2. In this section, you will add more description to your 404 page. To make your page more interesting and cool.
  3. In this section, you can customize further appearance if you want to.
  4. From here you can preview your page.
  5. Set your custom 404 page not found the background. In my case I have selected a picture of Mickey, you can select any picture you want to.
  6. Publish to make it live.


How To Set Custom 404 Page Not Found - Preview


Funny & Creative Pictures For Your Custom 404 Page Not Found Background

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