Launch A Coming Soon Blog/Site With Countdown Timer

Easy way to launch a coming soon blog

Hi, I’m sure you have seen many pretty coming soon blog pages. The sites which have the page like coming soon or launching soon. You have seen pages which say we’re launching in seven days subscribe to get notified etc. If you want to launch such site I will recommend you to download a cool plugin entitled Launcher: Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by MyThemeShop.

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Why is it recommended?

If you’re launching a coming soon blog this plugin is recommended because it is very lightweight. Also, it has a lot of features like easy to use, cool site templates, countdown timer, subscribe form, twitter feed, contact form and social links.

Installing Plugin

You can easily download and activate the plugin from this link or you can also install this template from your WordPress admin panel. Goto Plugins → Add New and search keyword ‘Launcher’. You will see Launcher: Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by MyThemeShop. Simply click on Install Now button and it will automatically installed on your site.

coming soon blog - installing plugin


To configure this plugin simply go to Settings → Launcher. You will be redirected to the admin panel for the launcher. In the following image, I have highlighted some options and their functions.

coming soon blog - configuration plugin

  1. To enable coming soon page to have to enable this option.
  2. Your site/page title.
  3. Favicon of your site.
  4. Meta description.
  5. Whether you want search engines to index your page/site.
  6. If you want to add additional codes to CSS, header or footer. If you want to add your google analytical tracking code you can paste into header code.


This plugin has three major templates Launcher, Retro and Rocket. Depending on templates, this plugin provides features. For example, if you’re choosing Launcher you can add all features like countdown time, subscribe & contact form and also the social links. In case of Retro, you will only able to access countdown timer and social links. In Rocket, you will only not able to access contact form.

coming soon blog - templates

Select the template you’re comfortable with and click save changes.