Top 5 Code Editors For Web Developers

Top 5 Code Editors

Top 5 Code Editors web developers love to use. These are also known as IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. They make your workflow smooth by providing features like autocomplete. Code editors give you hints about code and typing code in a colorful environment is so much fun. If you look around there are many open source code editors for HTML but which one is best? I have listed following code editors according to their reviews, easy-to-use, features, and downloads.

1. Brackets

Brackets is most famous among code editors. It is an open source code editor. Brackets is written in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML with the basic purpose of web development. Brackets is helpful for beginners to experts and is UI. It has MIT license and is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Bracket software gives an easy access to develop any source code. It was developed on 4 November 2014 and it’s 1.0 version was released. Its new stable release version is 1.11 and released on 25 September. It has space of ~40 MB and it is available in 38 languages. 
Top 5 code editors


1. Live preview:

The most important feature that tops the brackets among other code editors is its live preview. The changes that you apply in source code could be seen live on the web. It gives an easy selection of colors, borders, fonts, size of fonts and much more that could make websites excellent. 
It has some of the limitations. Two files in HTML cannot use live preview at the same time. It only works with desktop chrome, not the open source Chromium. The file that is to be viewed must be in the current folder of brackets. 

2. Fewer icons:

It has less editing icons means no any interruptions during code writing. Brackets has lots of options in the side window. This means you will see only your coding without a bunch of windows interruptions.

3. Quick editing:

This feature of brackets is very useful. Because it gives easy editing material when you put a cursor on a code and you can edit it quickly.  Inline editing is enabled for CSS means color change, and for HTML too for the developers. 

4. Open source:

The feature open source means any developer that knows JavaScript, HTML, and CSS can contribute to its further improvements. Bugs and source code faults are resolved not only by the Adobe systems but also from the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript developers also.

5. Split view:

A split view is an option in brackets that enables two functions on two files at same time i.e working on HTML and CSS at the same time. Two files would have a different live preview and other features needed for coding. It has a limitation that two same type files can’t be opened at same time.
Extensibility: extensibility means more the extensions can a developer use for easy coding. Developers also can provide extensions for additional functions. 
Some of the additional features that make brackets more flexible than other code editors.
  • Brackets code editor is available in 40 encodings i.e can be opened/saved in 40 different encodings. 
  • Brackets save history and the recent searches and could know via the search bar.
  • It uses code hints for the developers that makes coding easy.
  • Default extensions can be enabled or disabled depends on the requirement of developer either want to use those extensions or don’t.
  • Supports ECMAScript 6.
Extensions of brackets.
  1. Emmet: it works on HTML and CSS.
  2. Beautify: beautify extension is used to format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  3. Tabs- custom working
This extension has the features to show/hide and menu for all open documents. Add styles and used to scroll up and down.

2. Notepad++

It is a free source code software used in Microsoft Windows. Notepad++ name is derived from the C increment operator. It has tabbed feature which enables multiple working in a single window. This is written in C++ and it is available in 84 languages. It was developed by Don Ho. It was released 13 years ago on November 24, 2003. Its latest stable version 7.5.1 on 28 August 2017. Notepad++ was first released on and after some issues relevant to its banned provision in some of the countries. It was shifted to Tuxfamily from 2010 to 2016 after that it shifted to GitHub. Scintilla editing component is being used by Notepad++. It has the size of 2.90 MB and it has GNU general public license. It was stated flexible, easy to use, and extensible editor and was the first choice for source code editor by Lifehacker in 2011. Its user interface was criticised by Lifehacker and need to develop its UI. A survey by stack overflow showed that 34.7% used daily of 26,086 respondents in 2015 but in 2016 it increased to 35.6%. 
Code Editor - NotePad++


1. Syntax highlighting:

Syntax highlighting is one if the most important feature of text editors. It is used to highlight the text in editors in different colors and fonts especially source code according to the terms categorized. and is used in programming, scripting and Markup languages. and doesn’t affect on source code but used for the simplification of human readers. That helps in improving the readability of the source code that is based on a large number of pages. It mainly used in finding the specific errors or source codes. A study shows that syntax highlighting helps in paying low attention towards standard keywords. In syntax highlighting different syntax elements are used to specify different categories. Such as; keywords, control flow, variables, comments, and variables. 

2. Code folding:

The code folding feature is important because used to hide or show relevant data by the developers. And also used to hide the less important information while showing the most important knowledge about that source code. 

3. Limited Auto-completion:

This feature is important because it saves the time of developers. In auto-completion, the words or source codes are predicted by the software while writing a program. The purpose of this feature is to minimize the use of keystrokes and increase the speed of typing a program. 

4. Plugin manager:

The feature plugin manager is used to give information to developers about the new plugins that are available for the notepad++. 

5. Compare:

Compare is a feature available in notepad++ (NPP) to help to compare the one program with other colleagues when a developer is working with a team. 

6. Spell checker:

This feature enables the developers to check spell of their source code. We know that everybody can’t be perfect in writing and source code are written wrong could not work so it is better to check these before run. 

7. Preview HTML:

This feature is very helpful because the developers can see what the web or program could look like after execution and developer can make it good. It has manually refresh button to check the changes that are being done.

3. Atom

Atom is a free text and source code editor. This editor support macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux with plug-ins written in node.js. Atom was developed by GitHub with Git control. It was initially released on 26 Feb 2014. Its stable release is 1.21.0 released on 3 Oct 2017 means 16 days ago. It has the size of 325 to 430 MB, has MIT license. This is free software with a free license. The atom us dependent on Electron, a framework that supports the cross plate applications form means changeable between node.js and chromium. An electron is a combination of coffee script, JavaScript, HTML, and less. Atom is also called hackable text editor of 21 century. It has 802 issues and 19 pull-up requests.
 Code Editor - Atom


1. Cross-platform:

The feature cross plate form is very important because developers can run on OS X, Windows, and Linux. So developers are not only limited to one operating software but can work on above three software. 

2. Built-in package manager:

The feature enables searching of new packages or installation of new packages. Developers also can create this on packages within the Atom.

3. Smart Autocompletion

This feature in atom enables guessing of the source code what developer want to write. This feature makes atom flexible and smart. 

4. Find and replace:

This feature in atom find the information that developers won’t find and also it previews that information then a developer can change any text or code in single or all files. 

5. Color picker:

The plug-in color picker helps in picking up the colors for your text and code to differentiate between codes and texts. It also used to change the format. 

6. JavaScript snippets:

These plug-in let us write codes quickly. This is same as Emmet but it is used in JavaScript. In this code word are not used instead abbreviations are used for the code. This enables working with speed. It provides JavaScript syntax like as functions, console, and loop. 

7. Vim mode:

This plug-in enables the mixture of atom plus vim features together. Developers can use options of both editors simultaneously.

4. Sublime Text

Sublime text is a proprietary software. It is cross-plate source code editor. It’s an API written in Python and c++. It supports markup and programming languages. It also provides the plug-ins to add more functions. Sublime is a free software. This is developed by Jon Skinner and Will Bond. It was initially released on 18 January 2008 and its stable release 3.0 released on 13 September 2017. It is supported by Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Sublime has two versions, has the size of ~5 to 8 MB, a proprietary software from Nagware.
Code Editor - Sublime


  1. Go-to anything: this feature enables finding of lines, codes, and symbols quickly.  
  2. Multiple selections: the feature multiple selections make ten changes at a time, not one change ten times. It is used to change lines and rename variables at once. And making the sublime more efficient and faster. 
  3. Split editing: split editing is one of the most important features because it helps in editing at multiple places in the same code. The advantage of this feature is that developers can use multiple monitors to work on the same program with split editing. A developer can work on different Columns or rows on the same program on different Windows. 
  4. Terminal: through this feature project files are directly opened in terminal and commands are executed in the folder.
  5. Csscomb: this feature enables developers to write their source code in the right order when these are working in a team. This is used for neat and tidy code writing. 
  6. Trimmer: trimmer is used to remove unnecessary spaces that could cause errors in JavaScript. 
  7. Alignment:  the feature is used to align the PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. With using this readability increases code is neat. 

5. Coda Code Editor

Coda is one of most used code editors. It is a Web development software supported by macOS. the most liked due to its amazing user interface developed by Panic. it was first released on 23 April 2007 and won that award of apple design of that year. it is most liked because of its excellent features like clean, faster, powerful code editor. its stable version 2.6.6 was released on 5th June 2017. local and remote files are edited with fast switching tabs.




  1. hide and show specific files: this feature is good among other features of the code is good enough to show or hide the specific files that a developer want to see such as if a developer wants to see .htaccess files then one has to click the rules option in preference to show such type of files.
  2. preview in iPhone/iPad: this feature is important for the iPhone/iPad developers they can preview in simulated iPhone/iPad.
  3. adding a book code: with the help of this feature, a developer can add books for their reference to the coda. in this case, HTML book is important for quick reference.
  4. WordPress mode: this feature in coda helps to autocomplete the code or loop of a navigator. Its use makes editing more efficient and time-saving for a developer.
  5. Browse CSS styles inline: this feature helps in improving the quality of the CSS styles that are not remembered by the developers.
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Optimize 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website

Optimize 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website. The speed of a website plays an important role in ranking on search engines and user experiences. Mostly, users are very impatient, they will not wait long for your website to load, because there are millions of websites being opened at the same time and if any other site loads up earlier than yours, then obviously they would prefer that. Just like when you order Pizza, you want it as fast as possible, you will not wait long. Therefore, search engines prefer websites which are light weighted and fast to load. More Site Load Up Time, More You Lose Your Audience.
Optimize 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website
Consequences of one-second delay
  • It can reduce 11% page views
  • It can decrease 16% of customer satisfaction
  • It can make you lose 6% of conversation

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Optimize Following 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website

Optimize 5 Things For Speeding Up WordPress Website [infographics]

1. Content

If your page has more than 20 HTTP requests it will slow down page loading. Whenever browser fetches objects like HTML pages, CSS files, scripts, images and flashes files from the web server it does use HTTP request. HTTP requests can be reduced using various methods like using text instead of images, using CSS sprites, using data URIs instead of images, or combining several external files together into one. One of the best method to reduce HTTP requests is making a single script (by combining all scripts). Similarly, you can combine your all CSS files into a single. Combining files can be a headache if scripts vary from page to page, but combining files really help to improve speed and performance. Moreover, Keeping links SEO friendly, avoiding 404 or broken links also gives a positive result in speed factors. Avoiding Inline CSS is somehow improve the speed of your website.
Example of inline CSS text
<div style=’text-align: right; position: fixed; line-height: 0;’></div>

2. JavaScript and CSS

It is suggested that scripts and CSS files must be hosted to own server. It improves stability and speed because maybe someone’s server provides you hosted file was facing already too many requests from different sources. The main thing that helps to improve speed is minification of scripts and CSS files. Minification help to reduce the size of a script which results in fast load up. It is easy to minify scripts and CSS files there are millions of online tools providing free minification of scripts and CSS files.

3. Server

An optimizing server is also important for speeding up. Following are basic things you must optimize for your server.
  1. URL Canonicalization: It tells how a site can use barely unique URLs for a similar page. If and show the same page, however, does not resolve as similar URL. In the event that this happens, web search tools might be uncertain about which URL is the right one to file.
  2. Use HTTPS: It is a safe convention for sending or accepting information over the Internet. Utilizing HTTPS demonstrates that an extra encryption or validation layer was included amongst customer and server. HTTPS ought to be utilized by any site that gathers delicate client information, for example, Mastercard data. Despite for regions that don’t accumulate such data, changing to HTTPS helps customers by upgrading assurance and general security. Google is progressively utilizing HTTPS as a positive positioning variable.
  3. Libwww-perl: In the event that your server permits access from User-agent Libwww-perl. Botnet contents that thus look for vulnerabilities in your item are as a rule recognized as User-Agent libwww-perl. By blocking access from libwww-perl you can wipe out various less perplexing strikes.

4. Cookies

It is very useful. At the point when a program makes a demand for a static substance, for example, a picture or CSS document, there is no requirement for it to likewise send a treat to the server. This lone makes extra system movement and since the documents are static (they don’t change) the server has no utilization for the additional treatment. When you utilize treat free areas you can isolate the substance that doesn’t require treats from the substance that does. This enhances your site’s execution by end unneeded system activity. Diminishing treat measure help to stack content speedier.

5. Mobile and Images

Mobile components and images can also affect your website performance. If you want to make your website then use media quires it is easy for an engine to understand. Try to reduce the size of your components such as images, favicon image size, and scripts etc.

Create A Website For Free With Unlimited Web Hosting

Hello, welcome to my blog, this is my first post in this blog. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can create a website for free with unlimited web hosting. Nowadays online business is at the peak you can make money at home, if you’re good at something then its time to give it a shape. Making a free website is quite simple.

Basically for a website you need web hosting and a domain today we are using 000webhost for free web hosting because it is mostly used free web hosting site and it is providing one-click WordPress install plugin moreover i will also show you  some of other site which provides free web hosting and Dot Tk for a free domain. Let’s start with a web hosting click the following link and signup for your web hosting account.

After completing Signup process you will be redirected to Dashboard click + button to create a website.

How To Create A Website For Free With Unlimited Web Hosting

Providing your website name and password select create, and you will be redirected to Build Website tab.

000webhost Built Website

On build website tab, you will find three options you can create a website by 000webhost build a website easily option this will redirect you to a website editor in which you can drag and drop elements to make your website look or you can also upload your website if you already have bought or developed, but for now we are creating a WordPress website so we will select Built WordPress Website. Click on Install now and WordPress install popup will ask for the admin username and password this username and password will be used as your WordPress login or you can say admin page login. Enter your username and password rest default, but if you want to change the language you can change it from the language drop-down menu and click install, it will take a couple of minutes to install WordPress, sit back and relax.

Wordpress Installing

After completing the installation wizard you will get success messages, and your website is WordPress ready.

Done Install

WordPress is successfully installed. Our first part is done for a free website that is creating WordPress installed website. Now it’s time to get a free domain for our WordPress, Go to your Dashboard then select Set web address option.

Set Web Address

On the Set web address page, you will find two options. Either you have to buy or use own domain, select use own domain and enter your If it is available or not try a different domain name (in my case it is Copy name server and click Park domain.



Now let’s register for free domain, click on the following link.

Dot tk homepage

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domain results

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Domain Period

The default domain period is for 3 months, click on the drop-down menu and select 12 months for free domain and then click on Use DNS and then use own name server and paste name servers and click continue.

nameserver dot tk

Enter your email if you are not registered, if you are registered select login for new registration. Enter your details and complete your order within an hour 000webhost domain will be parked.

Infor update

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