Is Your WordPress Secured?

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)
Is Your WordPress Secured?
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Is Your WordPress Secured? In this digital era, as easy as it has become to create and manage things around the internet and especially the making of websites, hacking has become even easier than it used to be. As it is known that to upload your website to the world of internet you would make use of the very known source, WordPress, but have you ever wondered if it really is safe? Or that the provider that you are trusting with your information is giving you a complete safety?

Secure your WordPress

[Infographics] – Courtesy of YourEscapeFrom9to5

Here are some interesting statistics that came across:

  • 83% of WordPress blogs that are hacked are not updated.
  • Around 30,000 websites are hacked in a day.
  • And on average, a website is hacked every 5 seconds.
Probably, while you were reading this, one or two websites would have been hacked, And there goes another…
Now, the question arises How? How do these websites or WordPress blogs get hacked?
The very first thing and a very common way for which the websites get hacked are because of the weak hosting, if you are selecting a weak host for your website and their coding has some vulnerability then I’m very sorry to inform you that your decision of selecting that weak host can cost you your website. Around 41% of websites get hacked because of weak Hosting.

Then, the other way for which the websites get easily hacked are the themes you choose. No doubt a colorful and beautifully designed website can be attractive to the users but their programming could have a backdoor for their providers which could allow access to your website.
Stats say that around 29% of hacked websites are due to the themes they choose.
Then, plugins hold the spot. Although these plugins can bring your website some extra access but beware, these plugins can also give them access to your coding and website to the providers of those plugins.
22% websites get hacked because of the Plugins.

Lastly, if you are not good with words, you give easy access to your website to the hackers. Your weak passwords can be easily guessed by the hackers, so remember not to be common with your passwords and it is advisable not to use dictionary words.

8% of the websites get hacked due to the weak passwords by their creators.
My fellow programmers, if the information above has got you worried about your website, then do not worry, I do not come with problems only. Here are some simple solutions that could mark the safety not only of your website but also the safety of the information that you provide on your website.

There are some simple ways that will help you prevent the WordPress security issues.

  • When using the WordPress, many people make this mistake of using the default admin account that could lead to easy access to your website, well, do not be that person. Make sure you do not use the default admin account, get your account ASAP.
  • The game of comments can be very interesting to know the good and bad about your website but as every game, it can be dangerous too. It is advisable to close the comments real soon, possibly after 30 or 60 days.
  • Another tip here for preventing the issues is that do not provide a login link on your website, get rid of the login links and you ensure some safety of your website.
  • Updating your website at short intervals of time could also be helpful if talking about safety from hacking
  • If you come across WordPress bugs or any security issue, report them as soon as you can.
  • After you get done with your website, make sure to lock down File permissions and write access to them.
  • WordPress also provides Security Plugin and Limit login attempts, do not forget to use them.
  • And the security nowadays has also become easier so do consider these 2-step authentications for your own safety.
A website is never complete without Website host, Themes, and Plugins but if they contribute to your website being hacked…. what should be done then?
There are some prevention measures that you can take before selecting a Host, or Plugins or Themes
Re-evaluate your web host’s backups and recovery.
Do not forget to check your Host’s speed, Stability, Security and its Uptime.
Also, re-evaluate your Website theme and Plugins.
Now comes the last thing, and an important one. If you are planning to design a website and preparing to upload it to your network, here are some measures you should take:

While working on your personal computer for a website designing or for anything else, you should make sure that pc does not contain any malware, spyware or is not virus infected. There are several ways you can find to ensure the security of your personal computer.
Another important thing here is to work on a trusted network, though it feels good to use free Wi-Fi Or using an internet cafe if you want to avoid these hackers, a trusted network is your guy.
Another issue that was also discussed earlier, that where ever you provide a password for your account or website, you really need to generate a strong password that can not be easily guessed or decoded, this way it makes it difficult for the hackers to get into your account.
You must have heard of a CDN (Content Distribution Network) firewall, I would advise you to take advantage of it to ensure the security of your data.

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