How To Choose Your Brand Name Or Perfect Domain Name

How To Choose Your Brand Name Or Perfect Domain Name (Last Updated On: December 29, 2017)
How To Choose Your Brand Name Or Perfect Domain Name
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Before going to choose your brand name you must decide right niche for you. After selecting the right niche, you will choose the domain name. Domain name is a pretty important thing here, this is how people are going to get to your site. For example, if you’re typing facebook.com then you will end on Facebook. Likewise what people should write to end up on your site? No need to worry if you don’t know to decide your domain name, you can use some helpful tools to select a perfect domain name.

Choose Your Brand Name

Choose your brand name short and memorable. Facebook is short and memorable but selecting such one generic word for your brand is hard to get and also cost more than average, therefore you must be creative while choosing a domain name. The thing which is mostly recommended by well-known entrepreneurs is to register your personal name as domain name. We have most successful sites like NeilPatel and JohnChow seems registered as the personal name. Choose your brand name as your personal name if it is available if it is not then you can go for other domain names. I recommend you to don’t waste your time on other domain names if it is not .com, .net or .org.

If your personal name is not available direct you can use add a ‘blog’ to your name. For example, if yourname.com is not available look for yournameblog.com.

It is not important that your domain name should make sense, there are a lot of popular sites whose domain is not making sense but they are still a brand like Mashable or Twitter. Just select a right domain name for you and make it a brand.

Let’s have a quick view of best domain registration sites. You can use NameCheap and Godaddy to register a domain name, it hardly cost 10$ dollars per year. You can also use a free domain name but it is recommended to buy one, mostly it is 10$ per year but could vary according to your name selection.

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Best Tools Which Will Help To Choose Your Brand Name

  1. Namemesh
  2. Knowem

1. Namemesh

It is one the best website to find a perfect domain name for your niche. It is very easy to use let me show you how you can use this amazing tool to find your brand name.

Let’s say you want to create a blog about baseball and training. let’s search for baseball training and just see what come up.

Choose Your Brand Name

  1. Here you will able you know you entered keyword is available or not, in my case it is red and says Baseballtraining.com is not available.
  2. This is most useful suggestion box, you must take this as a priority but still, there are some things which you should avoid.
    • Avoid use of hyphens, numbers and popular brands: Like Microsoft or Amazon in your domain.
    • Prefer .com, .net and .org rest of domain names are waste of time and money.
  3. All these other suggestion can be useful to give you the idea of choosing your brand name but avoid above points.

2. Knowem

It is also a great and free tool to search name for your niche. The thing I love about this tool is this finds your name for social media usernames and also compare it with trademarks and also does domain name research. You can secure brand name with social networks usernames.

How To Choose Your Brand Name - Knowem

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