How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website (Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)
How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website
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Hey guys, In this post, we will explore how much does it cost to build a website. First, the cost for all the websites is not same, it depends on some of the main factors that must be looked at before going to build a new website. There are two ways to customize cost of building a website. First is yearly cost any second is a monthly cost. These costs merely depend upon the services that are being used by the website, some special updates, and redesign of website or making new logo etc. Mainly there are 10 things which cost mostly but if you’re skilled to do some of them by yourself it can save your money.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website - Infographic1. Domain Name:

How much does it cost to build a website - domain name

It looks like Yourdomainname.com or .org etc. The domain name you got is the unique one that only you have got. Although other websites have same names, still your domain name is yours. It acts as an online fingerprint. It is one of the main factors which decides how much does it cost to build a website. The rights to reserve for your website, you have to buy your domain price yearly. Domain name is an identity of your website. The name you chose must be attractive to get as much traffic as it can.

The price for the domain is $5 to $15 depending on the name. The more the price more attractive would be the domain name and it gets a lot of traffic to your website and eventually increases your worth and more advertises your website. Most brought domain name is .com. It is also one of most popular and preferable domain name. I have enlisted best domain providers in 2017. So it is better you buy a domain like .com than .org or .info because it costs average.

The Best Domain Hosting Services of 2017

How much does it cost to build a website - best of 2017

The Best Domain Hosting Services of 2017

2. Website Hosting:

Web hosting is also the main factor which decides how much does it cost to build a website. It is like an online hard disk for a website. The main purpose of web hosting How much does it cost to build a website - web hostingis to connect to the world wide web (WWW) and to get a space at WWW where an amount of knowledge of the information is kept for the users to utilize. Web hosting is important because it affects the loading time of the page, further expansion of your page and third the technical support that you take in case of your website crashes. There are two types of hosting free and the paid ones. Free hosting has limited features while the paid one hosting gives much more services. The cost for hosting ranges from $75 to $200, and it depends upon the traffic and hosting features that are offered by the hosting provider.

How much does it cost to build a website - web hosting top 5

According To EditorsReview

3. Content Management System:

The CMS is mainly used to organize the digital content with collaborative support. The CMS that are used to manage the content text, pictures, videos etc are called How much does it cost to build a website - cmsWCM (Web Content Management system). It is used to add or delete and information on the website. The application that is used to update the website is CDA (Content Delivery). The most important CMA is WORDPRESS that contains most of the features and provides the user-friendly environment to users. The CMA application maybe got for free but that will have limited features. The paid one cost up to $1500 yearly and it depends on the CMA application that you are selecting.

4. E-commerce Functionality:

The commerce or the E-commerce helps in the websites that are made for shopping. Sites like Amazon, eBay, and Daraz are e-commerce sites. This helps in the management of the contents of a web, used to check out to code tools and optimization of engine code. It also used to mail for marketing and manages the multiple options like sell and purchase such as credit card, PayPal etc. The cost that is spent once on it, and then the extra cost is spent to maintain its functionality. The more the e-commerce functional the more traffic you will get on the website which in addition get you more profit. Its initial cost is $500 to $5000.

5. Website Design OR Theme creation:

How much does it cost to build a website - themeThe website design is totally dependent on the quality of the website look and the work that you want to be done on it. If you want to make an eye-catching web design than it will cost more than the free provided web templates. Although you can use free templates as well. The function also varies in paid templates that are made from scratch sites. The free or less paid templates have limited options and less attractive. The initial investment for the website designing is $250 to $20,000+. It depends on the web look that you want for your website. Best online store to buy themes for a website is Themeforest. There you can find thousands of website designs based on your feature demand. But using free is good also it does not affect the website despite it saves some of the money.

6. Copywriting:

The copywriting includes the content that is to be posted on a website. This is mainly a the initiative of the website. It helps in compelling your visitors to visit your website through selected keywords. It lies in the category of SEO and it also affects the numbers of visitors. The cost of writing is $50 to $500 per article or page. The more informative and interesting content increases the visits. You can hire a content writer. One of the best website to find a freelancing content writer is Freelancer.

7. SEO:

How much does it cost to build a website - SEOSEO stands for search engine optimization. This is very important for a website because on the basis of SEO score search engines display website to users. The main purpose of SEO is to attract the most of users towards your website. It is the third most factor which decides how much does it cost to build a website. This is possible when you assign keywords to your page or post. The keywords must focus on the information that is being shared and is in line with the websites name. it is good to write a post more than 2000+ words. The content you are writing bee coherent to the web. SEO is used to make your website visible to visitors. The cost of SEO is $300 to $1500 monthly.

8. Multimedia Design:

The multimedia is also a website owner choice that how creative does website look like. The multimedia design may include designing, uploading a new video, designing new pictures or background themes and header of the website. The cost for that changes depending upon the type of a website. The simple websites that include some scrollbars and pictures may cost low, but if you want to attract/fetch most of the audience or visitors to your websiteHow much does it cost to build a website - Multimedia then it will take hundreds+ of dollars. The multimedia cost also depends upon the interactivity of the website means how much your website is user-friendly. So it is also a factor how much does it cost to build a website.

9. Database Integration:

The database integration means the platform whereby the data can be shared by the different parties. The data is shared, and it helps in saving the time. it helps in integration of application when needed for updates. Before database integration, you should check whether that integration is helpful for the specific application and how much time will consume in execution. It costs $5000 to $25000 per database integration.

10. Maintenance:

Maintenance is a key factor after the website is launched. The maintenance of a website includes the updating of content, news of new products. This is because up to How much does it cost to build a website - maintenancedate websites come in the ranking of search engines. I want to take lead so add as much content as you can and get new things that attract new visitors and hold the previous visitors. If your site is not under maintenance maybe one of your links could damage and effect SEO. So it is better to keep maintain the website. The cost of the maintenance depends upon the features that are being updated on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. The cost is $500 to $1500 per year.

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