Best Online Shopping Sites In Pakistan 2017

Best Online Shopping Sites In Pakistan 2017 (Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)
Best Online Shopping Sites In Pakistan 2017
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Hi, In this post we are exploring best online shopping sites in Pakistan, which are reliable and easy to use. We will go through step by step tutorial for registration and make orders. Online shopping is really a great source of shopping at home. You will get all important stuff at the same site. It is really helpful to buy things which are not available in your region or you have to go far to buy such stuff.

Following websites are trending and most trust-able. I used to shop from these websites and I get quite unique and genuine products. So, I recommend you guys to try these websites especially students because I have seen many electronic students using these websites to get their modules and kits etc. It will help in making your projects because some of the components are not available in small town or cities. Therefore, online shopping is best to get such components at your doorstep.

Best Online Shopping Sites In Pakistan 2017

  • Daraz
  • Kaymu
  • Yayvo


Daraz is one of best online shopping sites in Pakistan, they got great inventory, it offers the latest Electronics, Mobiles, Books, Fashion accessories and more retail product. It is Asia’s fastest growing online marketplace, offering the great experience of shopping at home in Pakistan, it also supports Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Nepal. You will find a perfect collection of electronics, fashion, beauty products, etc. It is designed for security of the shoppers’ experience above all else. Unimaginable value-for-money, a large assortment of genuine products, fast delivery, and also appreciate return policy.

Best Online Shopping Sites In Pakistan

Features Of Daraz

  • 100% Genuine Products: They promise to provide genuine products no fake or any duplicate product. Their mission is to deliver only 100% genuine products, with original Daraz-packing. This is what makes it categorize in best online shopping sites in Pakistan.
  • Safe & Secure Payments: One of important thing in online shopping is secure payment method. Payment methods are credit, debit card. Easypay, JazzCash or Cash on Delivery. Privacy is important, they keep our data secure.
  • Free & Easy Returns: Product return is free if you are not satisfied.
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Making Order on Daraz

It is easy to make an order on Daraz. Goto Darak.pk and search anything you want to buy in my case I will buy a PowerBank. You will find a search box at the top, type whatever you want to buy and hit enter. You will get result according to your keywords.

I had labeled some important things to know while selecting your product.

  1. This is category tab in which you can make your search unique to the category you want to search in.
  2. This shows the place where you will get your shipment.
  3. This is Rating tab in which you will seek for products which are highly rated. Greater the ratings greater product is genuine.
  4. This sort of setting based on your budget. You will seek only for those products which are affordable to you.
  5. This is also a sort of setting you can sort your results by most popular, best ratings and price.

Product Detail:

I will buy this product because it is best rated. On the product page, I had labeled thing to check before making the order.

Daraz Making Order Step 2

On product page make sure these things are legit and looks good as your required product.

  1. Here you will see all the pictures of your product and different views of your product.
  2. Here you can see it is rated by 174 people and it is a good sign to buy this thing as people are giving reviews.
  3. In this portion, you will see that there are many more sellers which are selling same product but at different rates. Select best price and location according to your location. You will get the product at best price in shorter time.

At last of the page, It is review section where you can read what people are saying about this product.

Daraz Making Order Step 3

If all these things make you satisfy simply click on buy now product will be added to cart when you click on the cart you will see price details for your product.

Daraz Making Order Step 4

Click GO TO NEXT STEP there will be some steps providing your account details etc and you are done.


Kaymu is also one of best online shopping sites in Pakistan it is somehow similar to Daraz. It is online shopping community where sellers and buyers meet to make deals. Kaymu provides best selling price then your nearby retailer. You will find all stuff in one place like clothes, electronics, home appliances and sports stuff. It is not only good for those who want to buy you can also sell. If you have a product and you want to sell it you can post it on Kaymu and get sellers overall from Pakistan.

Yayvo - Homepage


  • Widest Variety: You will find a great collection and best quality products at the best prices in Pakistan
  • Thousands of Sellers: There are thousands of sellers on Kaymu you can select best price seller in shortness time.
  • Seller’s Profile: You can chat with your seller and ask about details you need. You can follow & like your favorite sellers.

Making Order

It is easy to make an order on Kaymu. Goto Kaymu and search your product, You can also explore categories of best selling stuff. In my case, I will buy a pen drive. Type Pen Drive in the search box at top of website and hit enter. If you notice you will redirect to Daraz so rest of steps are same as making an order on Daraz.


Yayvo is also one of best online sites in Pakistan by TCS. TCS is a freelance company of ECOM. This site is reliable and trustworthy because of TCS. They offer leading brands of Electronics, Mobile Phones, Beauty products, and other Lifestyle options.

Kaymu - Homepage


  • Great Value Products: They provide products which are completely genuine by leading brands.
  • Delivery On Time: They promise for delivery on time because it will be in supervision on TCS.
  • Safe Payment: Payment information is very important therefore they use best encryption methods to protect your information. Therefore, they are listed in best online shopping sites in Pakistan.
  • 24/7 Help Center: They provide 24/7 support for their customers.

Payment Methods and Instructions

  • Cash on Delivery on orders up to Rs.100,000 under the supervision of TCS which is more than other locals.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: You can also pay using your credit or Debit cards provided by your bank.
  • Easypay- Mobile Account: It is the best feature to make payment at home no need to go out and make payment.
  • Jazz Cash- Mobile Account: It is same as EasyPay but different account providers.
  • Jazz Cash – Voucher: You can make payment through Voucher.

Making Order

This site is also easy to make orders. Goto Yoyvo and search for the product you want to buy. In my case, I will buy a USB mouse for my desktop. Simply type USB mouse in the search box at top of the site. Select product you like click Add To Cart, go through some simple steps and you’re done.